The Skinny on the Weight Loss Cardio Workout

Experts believe that a weight loss cardio workout is one of the best exercises you can do to shed off those unwanted pounds. There are different weight loss cardio workout plans available but they depend highly on how much you weigh, what your body type is, and your overall health condition.

On losing weight

Before performing a cardio workout so you can lose weight, make sure you understand what losing weight is really all about. Get rid of the misconception that losing weight is equal to becoming stick thin.

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What doctors are saying

Medically, weight loss happens with the reduction of your weight to something that is proportional to your body type. To check for your ideal weight, determine your BMI (body mass index) with online BMI calculators. With the guidance of your BMI, work gradually towards your ideal weight.

Weight vs. fat

Before doing a weight loss cardio workout, it is important for you to understand that losing weight is not like losing body fat. If you are a only a few pounds overweight, try recognizing your real goals for trying to shed off the excess pounds. Focus on losing not just the weight, but also the fat.

Lose weight and body fat healthily

Remember that you should not only be aware on what the mirror and the weighing scale are telling you. If you solely focus on losing weight, there is a tendency for you to lose weight in unhealthy ways. This is true especially if you fail to recognize what water weight can do for you. Some dieters do drastic things just to get rid of the water weight, including muscle weight, which are essential for our bodies.

A healthy weight loss plan

A weight loss cardio workout should be performed in accordance with a healthy weight loss plan. You also need to understand what cardiovascular workouts are all about, the best ones you can do, and the benefits they can contribute to not only to weight loss but also to your health.

What is cardio?

The "cardio" on the weight loss cardio workout refers to the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is important to note that cardio workouts affect the heart and your blood vessels. Cardiovascular workouts are exercises that can raise your heart rate to a level for some time.

Check with experts

Every person has their limit when it comes to doing exercises. Before doing any weight loss cardio workout, check with your doctor first to see if your heart or your overall health can take it. This is also for the purpose of determining the highest level of heart rate your system can endure.


Routine weight loss cardio workout can provide you with several benefits for weight loss because it helps burn more calories. The workout also helps your heart become stronger so your lung capacity can also strengthen. It also helps you to sleep better and lower your stress levels.

Burning calories

Burning calories with exercise simply means that you can reduce your calorie intake at a minimal level and not drastically. For instance, instead of lowering your daily caloric intake to 1200, you can lower it to 1400 since you can burn some 200 calories with a weight loss cardio workout. Furthermore, you won't feel food deprived or hungry, which can aid in making you stick to your weight loss plan.


Cardio workouts are recommended to be done everyday if you want to lose weight. Some people say that it is best to perform cardio before breakfast in the morning because it can burn stored fat. The workout should last around 45 minutes up to an hour. However, keep in mind that you should work on a progressive level and how much your body can endure the workout. If you are a beginner, do not exert too much effort. Do it gradually so you do not burn energy quickly.

Where do you want to do it?

Cardio exercises can be classified into those that can be done outside, at home, and at a fitness center. It all depends on your preference on how or where you want to exercise. Some people depend on a gym for working out, while others love to do outdoor exercises. You can even combine both if you have enough time. Just remember that finding a good cardio exercise routine that fits your preferences can make you stick more closely to it.


Some cardio workout routines for indoors include the use of a treadmill, stair climber, and the elliptical machine. For outdoors, you can go biking, swimming, running, and jogging. Just remember to find the workout that you are going to enjoy and can effectively raise your heart rate.

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